Quarry Bank Mill and Styal Estate
Photo: Quarry Bank Mill
Quarry Bank Mill, built in 1784,  and the adjoining grounds (now called Styal Estate) were owned by the Greg family.
As many as 454 staff were employed and most lived on the estate. Apprentices (children from local workhouses) were used as cheap labour and housed in the Apprentice House (guided tours are given of this house).
Photo: Apprentice House
Production ceased in 1959 and ownership passed over to the National Trust as a working museum.
The mill and surrounding buildings and woodland (known at Styal Estate) welcome over 300,000 visitors per year making Styal one of the top visitor attractions in the region.
The edge of the estate is just 100 metres from the railway station.
Here is some information from the National Trust website:

Quarry Bank, lying in the Bollin Valley, overflows with the atmosphere of the Industrial Revolution.

Experience life as a mill worker – a visit to the cotton mill, powered by Europe's most powerful working waterwheel, will certainly stimulate your senses. The clatter of machinery and hiss of steam engines are astonishing.

Take a tour of the Apprentice House, led by a costumed guide, and discover how – for food, clothing and lodgings – pauper children were expected to work in the mill. See the traditional vegetables, fruit and herbs still grown in the Apprentice House garden using organic methods.

Visit the newly opened 3-hectare (8-acre) 'Secret Garden' – the Greg family's stunningly picturesque valley retreat adjoining the mill and open to the public for the first time.

Stroll to Styal village – built by the Greg family to house the mill workers and still a thriving community, with two chapels, allotments and cottages. Or walk through woods along the River Bollin. Finally enjoy delicious local produce in our restaurant.

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Remember that if you travel to Styal by train you get a free "buy one - get one free" upgrade when buying a tiket for the Mill, Garden or Apprentice House.